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Other sites of interest

Below are other web sites that you may find of interest. Since the web is constantly changing, please let us know if you find any of our links invalid. Click here to send us a message. Also, feel free to include links to our site in your web pages. Please link directly to our home page.

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Home Education Specific

National Home Education Network

American Homeschool Association
American Montessori Consulting's Home Page
Colleges That Admit Homeschoolers FAQ
Growing Without Schooling/Holt Associates
Home Education Magazine - One of our all time favorite homeschooling mags!

Homeschool Headlines newsletter
Homeschooler's Organizations (Cindy Dukert) (Includes lots of support groups)
Hotlist Educational Resources
Jon's Home-School Resource Page
LearningWare Reviews
Miquon Math Materials (FUN Books sells the Miquon math materials at a discount. We can also special order many of the items from the publisher, Key Curriculum).
School Is Dead Learn in Freedom!
Separation of School & State Alliance

Support Groups

Rather than try to keep up with all of the many local support groups in the US, we encourage you to create a free listing for your group at the National Home Education Network site. If you are looking for a support group, you can search by state at: 

Canadian Homeschool Resource Page:

News Groups
Unschooling Message Board


Entire FUN web site - Table of contents and search form

NewsWorks - Newspaper articles on Unschooling/homeschooling
WebCrawler Select Education- Homeschooling


Web sites mentioned in F.U.N. News
The New Theory of Learning - One of the Car Talk Guys from NPR gives an excellent, common-sense description of unschooling, although he just refers to it as learning. Definitely worth reading!

BOOK IT! Home Page
Family Explorer Newsletter    - Science & nature information.
The Franklin Institute Science Museum
How to Teach Nutrition to Kids Back issues of this bi-monthly newsletter are available at the web site as well as instructions on how to sign up for free issues by e-mail. - Interactive Educational Games for Kids
Kachina Free-Stuff (great site for coupons, freebies and special offers run by a homeschooling mom).
K-12 On the Internet
Maryland State Department of Education
National Gardening Association (NGA) - Lots of educational ideas using gardening, special offers for educators.
The Natural Child Project
Natural Math

Public Television (PBS)
The Princess America Project (Free Internet newsletter that focuses on various maritime projects)
LibrarySpot (Gateway to more than 2,500 libraries around the world)
Newton's Apple Index
Reading Rainbow
Science Week - Back issues of this weekly e-mail digest are available at the web site as well as instructions on how to sign up for free weekly news report via e-mail.
Thoth's Place
Wise Stewards

Kid's Stuff

Girl Scouts

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